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Monday, March 5, 2012

Darksiders 2: Collector's & Limited Editions

The day I've been waiting for has finally arrived. The question THQSledgehammer wasn't allowed to talk about yet was finally answered!

Jim Huntley, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing commented:
“The Darksiders II fans spoke and we listened, we are thrilled to be able to offer them a high quality Collector’s Edition and to reward gamers who pre-order with a free upgrade to the Limited Edition.”

Behold the Darksiders 2 Limited & Collector's Editions!

First thing, every preorder is supposed to be upgraded, for free, to the Limited Edition version of the game. What's so special about that version? Well, probably a fancy cover and you get the first Singleplayer Expansion/DLC for free.

The Darksiders II Limited Edition will include the standard retail game along with a unique code allowing the purchaser the opportunity to download the game’s first single player downloadable content pack, Argul’s Tomb for free once it becomes available. All pre-orders of Darksiders II will receive the Limited Edition version of the game at no additional cost.

The Collector's Edition is even sweeter, coming with the Limited Edition Game, an Artbook, the Digital Download of the Soundtrack, a special ingame Weapon & Armor set and, of course, the Death Mask we've been teased with for months.

The CE will be available at the usual places in the US and Canada, including and Gamestop, Walmart and so on. The PC version, however, will be exclusive to the THQ Store, which is sad.
The Collector’s Edition will be available in limited quantities as a pre-order item only and is anticipated to sell for around $99 USD.

Details for the EU Release of the CE have yet to be revealed, but it is fairly likely that both Amazon and Gamestop will be selling them overseas as well.

Darksiders II is scheduled to be available for console and PC on 26th June 2012,
so get your scythes ready!

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