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Friday, March 9, 2012

4 Minutes of Persona 4 the Golden!

Take your time, grab something to drink and sit back in your chair, because Sny and Atlus provided some incredible material on Persona 4 the Golden. Look at the nerdy Producer Hashino Katsura and his Playstation Vita P4 skin.

In the video the producer explains that they had to cut too many things in Persona 3 Portable on Playstation Portable. So using that device for a port or another version was kind of out of the question for him-kuma!

They used the Playstation Vita to create a new feeling to the game and implent new scenarios for the game.
He also said that P4G looks much prettier than the older game due to the brilliant screen and slight palette changes. They used this opportunity to create a lively look in a rather dark setting.
Hashino also mentioned some of the features once more, like the one were you are able to call a friend to help you out in battle.

As a little something for the fans-kuma Hori (the company that usually makes arcade sticks and all other sort of accessory) decided to go for a P4 The Golden Vita package-kuma!

This set includes:
  • A soft pouch for your PSVita,
  • A plastic cover to protect that precious beautiful display from any damage
  • And also a bunch of stickers to decorate your environment. ;P

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