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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Imageepoch's Final Game (?) On PSP

The last one is seemingly in the works!
And they're making the most of it and have assembled their largest development staff yet for the project.

Imageepoch previously detailed that they have anther PSP game in the making besides Fate/Extra CCC. The ambitious company who managed to impress us with their previous projects Black Rock Shooter and 7th Dragon as well as their PS3 game Toki to Towa (aka Time and Eternity) revealed their new title SOL TRIGGER.

The scencario work comes from Nojima Kazushige, who is usually the scenario /concept writer of Square Enix. His work also include the original Lyrics from Final Fantasy VIII's Liberi Fatali.
While the character design comes from Sogabe Shuji the artist known from the Persona 3 and 4 manga adaptions.

"Sol" will be a central concept of the game. A kind of power certain peple hold within them, they are thus called "people of the light". Sol is latin for sun, for all those who do not know it.
In the Q&A on NicoNico it was also revealed that this game is the most expensive project to date and the games system will include old school but fast paced turn-based-battles.

When the HP of your character reaches zero you are able to let them recover with sol. This system has a catch though. If your Sol reaches zero you will enter a near death state which you can't recover from until you've replenished your sol energy at your home base.

There does also seem to be a absolutely powerful special attack that can be used with the sol power but it will end up killing it's user.

Dengeki Playstation already introduced 3 of the characters.

Farrell voiced by Toriumi Kousuke
The main character of the game and carrier of the Golden Sol. 
His Sol Arm is a sword. Also his hair covers one of his eyes, so that it's rarely seen.
Because of that special Sol many people see him als the next leader of the Sol Triggers, a group that fights for the "people of the light".

Ema voiced by Hanazawa Kana
A 17 year old girl and Farrells childhood friend. Her "Sol Arm" is a gun but her skills do not only include incredible gunfire attacks but also recovery spells.

Walter who's voice is Sugita Tomokazu
His "Sol Arm" takes the form of a Scythe. He only lives for revenge because of his friend who was killed by the church. (which might imply that the church might be against people of the light in a way)


The CEO Mikage Ryoei also shared a few details about the game and the pre-order bonuses though he didn't specify anything in particular.

  • This time the game won't ship with a special figure, though it will still have pre-oder bonuses of some sort.
  • He also stated that the game has been in development for quite some time
  • Sol Trigger will have a easy and normal mode. The Sol mechanics will be particularly important on "normal".
  • Mikage would not state what platform they will be supporting after the PSP. He did however say that he gets the feeling that they're making lots of games for PSVita, PS3 and also 3DS.

You can view the debut trailer of the game on Nico Nico Douga or go to the official site of the game

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