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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TokiTowa - Time and Eternity

Since this post is special since it's usually nothing but high res pictures of the game we most definitely want to play and own... we have to start this off differently...
Most of the pictures you are about to see now are INGAME, I am typing that in caps because it really seems basically unbelievable. No matter how you look at it, it kind of is.

Imageepoch already talked about the game, it's mechanics and the characters a while back. So this time you get to see the full high res promotion pictures in all their beauty.

Two of them, as far as I can see are environment sketches, some of them are from the actual video/trailer we have already seen here. One is a world map and boy does it look world-map-ish.
Everything else are ingame screenshots of the actual game, yes I have to state that again and again until it has seeped in somehow.

First of environment scenes. As you can see the characters are still hand drawn. It's basically like King of Fighters XII,XIII,BlazBlue and Persona Arena only that the characters are not pixelated.

And the animated trailer sequence above, everything is drawn once more but much more obviously than in the game screens Since there are no 3D backgrounds, but still the same characters.

One 3D background or rather a harbor of a town and two background artworks. And now finally all ingame/ battle scene screenshots we have for now

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