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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look at The Worlds First Animation RPG!

You might already read about it on this blog or on news sites like Siliconera, Namco Bandai and Imageepoch (developer) work together with Studio Satelight on the first game with real anime graphics! And judging form the first screens it looks far beyond anything else we have ever experienced!

Two screens show you Princess Toki and the Main character at their weedding, which looks pretty cheesy at first but once you've got behind that, take a look at the games Artworks and then the ingame screenshots.

 The player will take the role of of the prince whose marriage with princess Toki formed the Kingdom of Kamuza.

In the game new Nations are formed when a Prince (here the Knight King) and a magic weilding princess (in this case Toki-sama) engage marriage.
It is stated that the castle town actually floats on water, though details haven't been given at that point.

One of the major discussion points appears to be the games animation system.  
It seems to use hand drawn 2D animation for the main characters and enemies. This applies for both the world the player will walk through and in battle.
To clarifyit once more: It is not cellshading, the characters will always be hand drawn.

Aside of the story and animation details Famitsu also provided commentary from various staff members.

Kay Hirono (Producer, Namco Bandai)
The project has been in development for over two years. Hirono promises a completely new title that is full of new experiments.

Ryoei Mikage (CEO, Imageepoch)
Mikage said that he created this project plan long ago when he thought that he wanted to show 2D anime as is on a game system. The systems at the time were incapable of pulling this off. To get it to work on the PS3, they had to do many trials.

Vofan (Character Concept)
Vofan is from Taiwan, but loves Japanese games and anime. He started character design for the game in 2010. The themes for the game are "Love" and "Time."

Yuzo Koshiro (Sound Composer)
Yuzo says that when he was first shown the design doc, he was drawn to the game by Vofan's characters. The background art is also beautiful, he said. This is serving as inspiration for his composition.

So go and have a look at the official website asap!It's absolutely fabulous!

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