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Monday, October 31, 2011

Heartwarming Tales of Innocence R Trailer

This Time Namco Bandai graces the gaming world with the refurbished port of the DS Game Tales of Innoncence-R. Many of you might have already seen the first TGS trailer. The "R" in the title stands for "re-imagening" which basically means a new way to tell the story of the game.
Namco Bandai provides a huge bag of information for the fans and hopefully the game will also be released in our western regoins.
Let's cut the chase and get right to it, informations will follow below the video.

Opening "New Day, New Life" and ending song will be performed by Kokia who also did the Demon Souls Theme song, as well as the ending and basically all ArTonelico III insert songs.

»Kokia Sound Samples Spoilers«

One of the new characters in ToI-R, Kongwai Tao will be voiced by Nojima Kenji who also lend his voice to Tohno Shiki/Nanaya (Melty Blood), Nanahara Fumito from Clamps and I.G's recent animation Blood-C and Serph Sheffield which one may recognize as the Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga main character.

Also the price for the hard copy of the game has been set and will be around ¥5980 and the pre order launch price will be ¥1000 less then that. A downloadable version also has been confirmed and will be available for gamers in Japan (or those with a japanese account) for ¥5980 ($77).
please not that this is a direct translation into dollars. If the game will be released in NA and/or Europe the price will high likely not be the same, since electronic devices and software are more often much pricier in Japan.

Pre-order Bonuses

If you decide to pre-order the japanese version of the game you will also get access to two pre-order apps for your shiny new PSV.

  • Adventure Skit Drama
    A fully voiced game, presumably set up like the in-game skit conversation sequences. Depending on the players choices the ending will change. The content of the mentioned drama will most likely be a crossover between the Tales series:
    Innocence R Main character Ruca and friends are excited about being able to adventure once again on the Vita. Jade, Rita, Shing, Caius, all from other Tales games, appear on the scene and say that they too want to have an adventure on the Vita.

  • Innocence R Fortune Clock
    A clock app for your Playstation Vita. It will feature Ruca and the other characters from ToI-R. The selected character will announce the alarm time and your fortune telling results.

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