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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Type Moon Week: Fate/Extra for PSP available now!

So if you haven't done so already, grab your money, your keys and your PSP and hurry to the store!
Aksys Games, the developers of BlazBlue and GuiltyGear are giving us a treat you might never forget! Fate/Extra Roleplaying Game slash Novel slash dungeon crawler is here!

Missed what that means? Well then let's have a crash course in the matter right now! Since we can't have you stumbling around with not knowing anything!

Basically this states that you will get a PSP game, which is like a book, there is fairly to read, a bit to explore, interact, as well as to fight with. Aksys Games decided to publish the game with japanese dub only and english text, so that you may unterstand it well. They really struggled to translate everything so, that the players can both understand it and relate to it; even though they may not be knowledgeable with the "Nasuverse".
This is the name for the setting of this universe the game and every Type Moon novel to date plays in.
Sadly the mystery novel DDD (Decoration Disorder Disconnection) and Canaan aren't part of it.

Type Moon, a really good visual novel developer which was cofounded by the writer Nasu Kinoko and the illustrator Takeuchi Takahashi worked in cooperation with ImageEpoch to create this engaging game.

TM (Type Moon) has created many good stories over the years, sadly most of the games are not available in the US or Europe (as usual). Under those works are: Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners, Fate Stay Night, Tsukihime and The Witch of The Holy Night or Mahōtsukai no Yoru which will hopefully still be released in 2011.
You might even know one or two anime adaptions or the mangas from those series. Even if you didn't like them, give the game a go, because it has a few very good secrets in it that you may wanna see. And the original games are always much better than the novel adaptions. There are also a lot of really good fight games available if you want to check them out, search for Melty Blood or Fate Unlimited Codes... but I digress...

Art thou my Master?

»Slight Story Spoilers Spoilers«

The game itself has huge replayability since it offers you three difficulties to fight with!
Why is that a good thing you ask?

Each difficulty comes with another servant, there are three of those, Saber class, Archer class and Caster class. Each one has another Story and a completely different set of moves as well as a different oppinion. While your story stays the same, that of the servant does not.
That way your experience will not stay exactly the same.
Plus you are only able to harness the true power of your command seal and your servant, if you are able to befriend him/her and understand the actions it wants to take.

Even the battle system will make you feel that way, though it might seem limited at first it will give you a satisfying feeling and lots of fun later on. It also indicates that the player is able to inform oneself about enemies and possible fights if you listen to the NPCs around you. That way it might be much easier to defeat them in the end.

Every servant a mage can summon has a true name and herritage, mostly in past life he or she was refered to as "an heroic spirit". A person who achieved or did something outstanding, something beyond others dreams. And it will only reveal it's true identity to those whom he or she trusts. Achieving such a thing is a Masters responsibility and task, while the servant handles the enemies before them.

Since Japan already announced a successor and this might be the only option to support good game releases with japanese audio, grab it while it's hot!

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