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Sunday, October 30, 2011

.Hack the Movie - CC2 CEO Shares .Hack and Other Plans

CyberConnect2 held a talk event at it's Tokyo studio to commemorate the release of their Artbook .Hack//Archives_03. While doing so CEO Matsuyama Hiroshi shared a few new details and CC2 games in general, for example the final movie title and some details about other games.

CC2 announced that they had just completed a promotional tour for Asura's Wrath which had taken CC2's CEO to London, Paris and San Fransisco. The game's release date has been announced so North American stores will get Asura's Wrath on February 21 and European ones three days later on the 24th.
For now only Japan has yet to wait for an official announcement for an appropriate release date, even though CC2 already stated that it was planned for worldwide simultanious release.

He also mentioned Super Ultimate Ninja Storm which will also be released in the first quarter of 2012 but he also added that it won't be January.

Some of you might already know that the beautiful .Hack announcement a few months back turned out to be a movie. And that some kind of game might be included in the bluray release of .Hack "Sekai no Mukuo Ni", which roughly translates to .Hack"Another Side of the World"

Not only did CC2's CEO reveal the name of the movie, he also noted that the movie's editing is mostly complete and that they are focusing on adjusting the 3D effect now, for instance.
According to Matsuyama the movie will hit the theaters in Japan on January 21. He also stated something like
" Next year the movie will be released, and then ...surely good things will happen. I'd like to think."

For hack fans in the western regions this is surely a joke that is really hard to swallow since CyberConnect chose to abandon it's .Hack fanbase a while back. Especially so in Europe. So once more the question is ... what exactly do those words imply for Japan and for the rest of the world?

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