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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Project Diva Extend & Awesome Piano Rock (by Wowoka)

Aren't you all quite thrilled that the new Project Diva will be out soon?
Normal gamers who are not yet completely addicted would ask why now...
Because I will definitely play it and inform you about the new songs if you want to. Well they are not all completely new but I'd like to know which ones had to go and what kind of alternative Sega gives the player.

Also the PSN version has been postponed until December, so Sega can offer something special with the PSN version or rather the Playstation Vita release(though they did not mention what it was). It might even be a special song or a Playstation Vita app where Luka and Miku announce the time if you touch them.
That would be the most... ... perverted, stalker-ish but at the same time fulfilling thing ever... at least for... some personae *cough* *imagines to poke Luka against the cheek*

The following stuff has been announced and confirmed:
»Confirmed Modules Spoilers«

»Confirmed Tacks Spoilers«

Sadly some of the old songs didn't make it into the new game. So for those who wished to play the old ones and the new ones for one unhealthy long Project Diva marathon will have to switch UMDs once more.

Now to Alkaids personal fun

the person took the video down so I edited it with a new link and the picture :P

I love that song, so much that I would like the karaoke version for my mp3 player and mobile phone. Sadly I can't get it, because that nice creator guy took it down for "normal nico nico members"!!!
Wouldn't it be nice to have the Miku&Luka version in the game?

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