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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tales of the Heroes Twinbrave Screenshots

New screens arrived today, as well as new Information and most of them really impress. The game is looking very good so far for a PSP title.
Please take your time and look through them. Also new "Tales of" characters have been announced with that, let's see if you recognize them from different titles. ;)

Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave Animation PV

Now we also know for sure that it is indeed possible to team up with different characters. A nice feature, bet the different skits will also add to our delight. And we'll even get to find money in battle! All hail the Gald!

The teaser above is a preview for the upcoming Jump Festa 2012 event in japan showing parts of the opening animation. On the V-Jump blog it was also revealed that Chloe and Senel of Tales of Legendia join the heat of battle in TotH:TB.

The battle system seems to revolve around the Agressive Chain Capacity System (A-CC in short)an enhancement of the Chain Capacity System in Tales of Destiny and Graces. Unlike those games CC only depletes while using Artes and will be refilled if you successfully land attacks against your opponents.

»Newcomers From The Tales Series in TotH:TB«

And once more a final picture of the collectors edition of Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave:
A 6 chapter novel, three drama CD's with over 120 mintues of skits, a book cover, one set of frames of the animation opening and a table top calender featuring the "best partners" from each of the 15 Tales games.

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