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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Busters! For PSVita

Following the game port from 2007 for PS2 and PSP "Little Busters! Converted Edition" will also be released for the Playstation Vita!

What does that mean for fans of Key's Visual Novel in Japan? (for us it probably means we need to hack the PSVita to get a translated version??)

But first off:
Little Busters! Is a Love Adventuregame. The player will take on the role of the main character, in this case Naoe Riki, who's now a highschool student. After his parents died he was practically saved by a group that consisted of three boys and one girl who referred to themselves as "Little Busters!". A group dedicated to fight evil and preserve justice in the world.
Leader of this group is a person called Natsume Kyousuke, who also had a sister named Rin. The other two were Inohara Masato and Miyazawa Kengo. Thanks to those four Riki's grief over his loss began to fade over time...

But the story is not as easy going as it seems. ;)

Most of the time it will be the following: the daily routine of the characters and the interaction between them. As always the Novel consists basically of a great part of character developement.
Most of it and how it turns out; is based on the actions of the player.
For those who are not familiar with this kind of game it's like an interactive picture book, so those who like to read and have fun with gaming are always good to go with this franchise.

  1. The Playstation Vita will up the resolution of the game to 960x544 which exceeds even the PC versions 800x600. All the background Artworks will be available to you as Backgrounds for your Playstation Vita.
  2. Also the minigames will support the Playstation Vita's touch panel.
  3. A-Chan will make her fist physical appearance as well. Those who already played the partially translated version will recognize this name immediately. She's the games dorm head and only consisted of a voice so far.

The first Playstation Vita shots of Little Busters! Converted Edition

Japanese release date: February

~The irreplaceable once existed there~

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