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Sunday, November 27, 2011

CryEngine3 Titanic vs Lumious & others

Ever wanted to see the game "Titanic Adventure Out Of Time" from 1996 in HD? Exploring the 1912 huge passenger liner in first person mode once more?
Here's your chance!

CryTeks Cry Engine3 mod from Mod-Team ORM Entertainment

befitting the anniverary of this tragic incident the team plans to release the Game "Titanic - Lost in Darkness". Also the game will likely need lots of ram and a very good processor to be playable, since they put so much time and work in it. So it will not only look good that beautiful piece of work will also include a story!

"On 1 September 1985 found the RMS Titanic on the floor of the Atlantic. 73 years she was there, untouched. The next day, the message around the world and in New York City sits the 93-year-old Titanic survivor Howard Williams. Beside him the enthusiastic journalist Daniel Louis, Williams persuaded to tell his story. After a failed bank robbery in London, England, Williams wants to leave and flees to the Titanic. Actually registered as a passenger in third class, he makes it a place in the first class back up. Among the rich and famous. Everything seems perfect. By the time the Titanic rammed an iceberg and begins to sink. The third-class passengers are under cover, and Williams is their only chance to reach the lifeboats."

It is still unclear when exactly the game will appear but you can watch the team's youtube channel to stay up to date.

Now to do something fun, how about something forbidden, let's break some rules!
Comparing the different new and old engines that looks so pretty! :D

»different engines from different devs«
It's great to see how creative people are, isn't it? Of course we all know that preview videos usually look much better than the actual ingame performance.

also there is one hell of a good looking GTA IV mod out there that might very well interest you:


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