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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Project Mirai - Changeable Voices

Sega has highlighted the main difference between Project Diva for the PSP, Hatsune Miku and Project Mirai for the 3DS on their blog.

In Diva you could only choose certain songs and choose a vocaloid that would sing the song instead of the original character. The voice however would stay the same no matter what.
This will be different now.
Choosing a certain vocaloid for a song will not only result in another character that would sing it in the voice of Miku, Luka or Kaito. This time, the voice will also change depending on the character and the song.

Another small change is that the characters costumes in Project Mirai are actually named "costumes" rather than "modules". You can see five different ones above, Miku, Rin, Luka and Meiko those are from the song "Tricolor Airline".
On the right however certain fans of Vocaloid might recognize the "Daughter of Evil" costume for Rin.

Also a few songs have been confirmed so far.

»Mirai Songs so far with Preview & Videos«

Project Mirai's releasedate is March 8th 2012 on 3DS the game will have augmented reality features like AR concerts of which you can then take pictures.

Author's Note:
»Author's note SPOILER«

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