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Friday, December 9, 2011

P4G: The Sweetest 44 Seconds you'll get

Want to see one of the sweetest things the Playstation Vita has to offer for now?
Then get yourselves ready for one more visit in the "other world" aka the Midnight Channel!

Once more dear Atlus publisher of Trine2 and Summon Night Sqordcraft Story brings us some delicious fanservice. They're such a tease~

Other features include a new opening movie, more personas for the main character, new costumes, and Mari, a mysterious new character. The team also teased a feature fans have been demanding.

Also Persona 4 the Animation OST is out now for a while! You can get it at CD japan for around $37 or 27€!

Can't decide how you feel after reading this? Well your emotions might even be like those of Yosuke now!

It's weird that the swooning version is more creepy than his other half, isn't it?

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