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Monday, December 5, 2011

Shinobido 2 [Updated]

Today we have different Shinobido 2 videos for you to enjoy.

After Acquire lost their Tenchu franchise to From Software they began to develop a new stealth based shinobi game. Out of all this came Shinobido which put the player in the role of "Goh" an amnesiac ninja who finds himself searching for eight mistical stones. Not only to regain his pride but also his memories and the search for the fall of the Asuka clan begins.

The next game was released on Playstation Portable Shinobido Tales of the Ninja, once more in the role of Goh. This time ad-hoc multiplayer was introduced in the game, aside with unlockable characters. The PSP game was only released in Japan and Europe by the way.

So Shinobido 2 will put you 6 Months after the events of Shinobido Tales of the Ninja. This time players will step into the shoes of Zen, a ninja who has been betrayed by his companions the Asuka Clan.

Previous Shinobido characters will also make a return, such as Zaji, Leader of the Asuka Ninja Clan Uzumushi (Leader of the Kenobi Ninja), so it's high likely that Kinu and Goh will also make an appearance.

»Shinobido 2 - Revenge of Zen: Screenshot Gallery«

Now for the footage we promised you:


Yoko Ashi - Wall Walking Skill

Counter Attacking

Items/Throwing Stars & Combat

Sneaking & Takeout


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