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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Second Round; Another Route! Type Moon Fate/Extra CCC

With new costumes for the characters and some screenshots to boot! Also a rather interesting announcement for all beat em up and Type-Moon fans on the bottom of this post!

We only got the first game in November, most people might have finished it at least once already if not more. So this time the "far-side of the moon" route is revealed for the player with some nice little additions. To make all this more enjoyable each servant and your main character will have a new appeal to them.

The Servants Caster, Saber and Archer in the game
Your two possible choices for the main character

On another note:

The latest arcade build of Melty Blood the Type Moon Nasuverse cross over beat em up is comin' up in Japan on December 31. And now comes the kicker!
Ecole plans on testing their netcode and are looking for fans to download a demo of Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code that has online battle support this time!
So want to fight with Arcueid and Sion as well as in their alternate forms, then look no further! You can download the Demo for absolutely nothing- nada- FREE on the official Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code website!
The demo will be up on 12/12/2011 around 2PM!


6am in Europe
and around midnight in the US

Wanna know the exact time so that you might be able to stick around and load like a madman/woman? time converter

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