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Monday, January 16, 2012


Hello dear manic gamers, today we have something deliciously naughty for all of you out there!

Our Valentines Day will be absolutely gorgeous this year! Celebrate, rejoice! Because good news have arrived to entertain you further! Deep Silver, publisher of Catherine here in Europe made an announcement today regarding your pre-order bonuses!

Deep Silver revealed today that anyone who pre-orders Catherine here will receive a free Artbook and Soundtrack CD along with their copy of the game upon release.

These bonuses contain exclusive images and music tracks that cannot be found anywhere else. So ask your retailer if you'll be able to get the pre-order bonuses, if you want them!
Believe me I have the whole original soundtrack here beside me, the Sound & Artbook Disk tracks are not in it!

To clarify once more:
You will get the following if you pre-order the precious Stray Sheep Edition in Europe!

Stray Sheep Edition only

  • One Rave Love T-shirt (the one Vincent is wearing in the real world)
  • Two coasters in the Stray Sheep Design
  • One Catherine Poster to decorate your wall or ceiling
  • And last but not least one pizza box to stylishly secure all your booty!

Pre-Order Bonuses

  • Sound Disk of Catherine (not the Soundtrack)
  • Artbook

Prices are as followed:

Catherine: Stray Sheep Edition [£49.99]
amazon. fr [66.92]/ [X360 - 69.99] [PS3 - 62,91€], [X360 - 62,91€] [PS3 - 69,99€] [X360 - 69,99€ (currently sold out(or not available)]

Not interested in the game yet? Then please look at some of those trailers and gameplay footage in the spoiler below to get a grasp on how the game will look and work!

»Trailers overview Spoilers«

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