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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick! There's Makise on Siliconera!!

Why you ask?
Well Siliconera took the honorable quest to ask JAST US about publishing the absolute incredible novel Steins;Gate in western regions!

If you want to see what's going on there at the moment please hesitate no further and click right -here- to take a look!

Note DC: JAST actually shot emails at the group around Reading Steiner, Antheon and co, who have been working hard on translating Steins;Gate for the english audience, and currently are in the Editing/QC stages of the project. An rudimentarily formatted version's already out.
The Translation Group rejected the offer, however, stating that they wouldn't care about money and just want to bring this wonderful Visual Novel to the western audience.
Some points that were mentioned also get in line with what Siliconera posted.
Another thing worth mentioning is that Steins;Gate is apparently heading to the PS3 at last.

Want to know what Steins;gate actually is?

Then we would like to highly encourage you to look into the animation! Unlike the Chaos;Head one it's pretty good and well made!

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