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Sunday, January 15, 2012

dot Hack - The Game!

Remember the old news with the two screenshots of the new .Hack game? The one where you could see a Character with a Haseo skin?
Famitsu uploaded the two screenshots in much better quality and provided a bit more details. It's not much but this might be able to ignite a small flame of hope in everyones heart.

Planning for the new game began simultaneously with the upcoming .hack//Sekai no Mukou Ni movie. The scripts were made together. The game takes place one year after the movie, in 2025. However, while the movie takes place in "The World Force: Era", the game will take place in a different "The World."

The official website for the game is still completely blank aside from mentioning that there is a new .hack project on it's way but that might change in a few days! Because then the new movie will be streamed in the japanese theaters!

You can find more information to it, the interview a time line and a beautiful picture of a HD animated Aura [right here at Famitsudotcom]

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