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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Persona 4 Ultimate officially heading to the US!

Earlier than expected, the Persona 4 Arcade Fighting Game will get a release in the USA and Canada in Summer 2012. More specifically, lists the game as expected for August 7th, while and Gamestop still haven't introduced the product to their catalogues.

However, the release got officially announced by Atlus, so its only a matter of time until we may send out our preorders. Even though there's no official EU releasedate yet, Playstation 3 owners may just as well import the US/CA-version since, unlike the X360, the PS3 is not region-locked.

This turn of events surely makes it seem likely that we will see a western release of Persona 4: The Golden for the Vita fairly soon...

Please check the Official Website once in a while, knowing Atlus the web-presence of P4U will most likely grow further over the next months.

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