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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shining Blade - Shining Commercial & Details

"Your song will give us courage" A nice phrase for an interesting action RPG. Once more Shining Blade or rather Sega will bring out the music in peoples hearts.
That's exactly why there is once more new information available about this Playstation Portable game.

»Text Spoilers«

1. All characters will have a personality setting. So you may want to check each and every characters personality setting in the status menu. It can change any time according to the players actions.

2. There is a High Tension Mode. For example: Reiji's friend Yukihime is able to enter a high tension state which can boost Reiji's status. But this depends on her mood, which is once again affected by the actions the player takes. If you defeat your enemies in a heroic and brave way, she will get a more positive attitude towards you.

3. Duo System has been introduced. In it you can bring a partner character with you into battle. That way this certain character will always stay behind you, to support your attacks or the actions you take.

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