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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Digimon World Re:Digitze News

Meet Mirei, the woman behind the devil and the angel. Also the gym makes a return.

According to Siliconera Mirei is described as cool and very strong, her intentions are unknown and burried behind a rather icy character. Regardless she seems to know many things about the danger that threatens the Digital World and develops an interest in the main character rather quickly.

Mirei has as previously shown two partners, one being Angewomon and the other LadyDevimon. It may simbolize that this woman has two sides to her, just like her "Tailmon" evolution, though it is unknown if it is really the same Digimon or just two different Tailmons.

The new batch of screenshots also implies that there's once more a training gym and the possibility to store your partners data when he dies. This might be possible in either a new Digimon or DigiMemory (known from Digimon Xros Wars).

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