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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tales of "the Heroes Twin Brave" & "Innocence-R" Openings

And with it comes the usual opening cinematic, beautifully animated and in all it's main character glory.
Please sit back, relax and enjoy the footage.

At the same time the PS Vita Tales of Innocence-R Opening is also available for you. It also shows the Playstation Vita's absolutely brilliant display and it's quality makes me litarally speechless

Don't try to fall too much in love with them since none of those two games has been announced for our turf yet! On the other had it is "Tales of" so we might just scream 'screw it!' and import it if there's no hope.

The Opening song comes also with it so let's hear into it a bit more~ since Kokia did one hell of a job here, it's perfect for the game.

New Day, New Life

Nonetheless I kinda miss the old opening and a hoping that they will include a gallerymode so that we are also able to see that one somewhen in the future.

The DS Opening

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