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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Humble Bundle Mojam is Over

So this weekend's Humble Bundle event is over.
Almost 60 hours of work went into Mojang's "Catacomb Snatch" and the Wolfire Games and Oxeye Game Studio guys are still working hard on their contributions for Charity.

Catacomb Snatch really shaped up nicely on this last day, and its a fun game for up to two people involving mummies, guns, bombs and rails.
Both the 2D graphics and the soundtrack are amazing pieces of art and donating is worth it alone for those already.
Of course, the game itself, being a 2-Person-Shoot'em-Up-slash-RTS-Game is extremely entertaining!

Officially, the event is over, but they decided to go OVERTIME
Now not only officially but completely over!

The Mojam is currently over!
The Internet gathered a whole of
for Charity!

For those who have absolutely no way of Donating (or want to make sure they donate based on what they get) and the generations to come, Mojang's Jakob has given green light to share Catacomb Snatch on the web! It wasn't a joke either, as confirmed shortly after.

So for those who will be out of luck, here two links:

Catacomb Snatch (Game)
Catacomb Snatch Soundtrack (MP3/FLAC)
If you like the stuff, you sadly cannot donate anymore, but there's still the option to raise your donation.
Please check back for the next Humble Bundle and let's rock for charity once again!

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