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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tales of Graces F pre order bonus of North America &Canada

Today Gamestop Canada listed something intersting: According to the site, if you pre-order Tales of Graces-F you will recieve the exact same bonuses that the japanese version had. So let's quote this:


Pre-order now with EB Games and gain access to a nostalgic set of outfits from the Japanese release of Tales of Destiny® 1 & 2! Not only will these costumes gives Asbel, Sophie, and Richard a whole new look, wearing them will change the battle music as well!

In addition, customize your XMB with the Tales of Graces f theme. With graceful icons and dynamic wallpaper, you'll live and breathe Tales of Graces f in-and-out of the game!

Aka Asbel as Kyle Dunamis, Sophie's Rutee Kartrea costume and Richard in Judas's attire.

 You can find the pre-order page right here as well as pictures of the DLC.

Other gamestop sites have not listed this item yet, so unless you have some prove that the United States or/and Europe will recieve the same items you are allowed to treat this as a rumor.

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