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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Atelier Meruru Travels to The West

All hardcore fans of turn based RPGs and crafting may rejoice. Not only Rorona and Totori grand us a visit but Princess Meruru as well.
The vastly improved third and sadly last entry of the Arland series "Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland" is coming to the US and Europe in spring 2012!

One of the new features of Atelier Meruru is a world building system. This will enable the player to change the landscape and viewings in the game significantly, like the fortress below.
It is not mentioned if this also changes the environment around the erected building, even though it highly hints at least at some minor changes while playing.

This is not the only improvement, the battle system is faster and the moves are more entertaining. But even when it looks good you might get tired of a few animations over and over again so the skip animation possibility while fighing is still in the game.
So those who are already into the Atelier series might feel right at home even though Idea Factory gave that sweet new chapter a huge overhaul in terms of graphics. The game looks amazingly detailed in regard of the characters and is more true to the art of the game than another version of those you will see on the cover of it.
So without further writing a fews screenshots and videos for you all to enjoy!

1. Those who are familiar with Atelier might cover their ears now. 6.Even Homu is back!

There also will be a lot of cameos from the previous two titles

Gameplay Footage & Trailer

»FINAL ATTACK!! Omg it's ... Spoilers«

THANKS to NipponIchi Software America!

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