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Thursday, November 17, 2011

MAX PAYNE goes round 3 in March! [Updated]

And with this announement comes a stunning R* Gameplay presentation that might blow the old crowds mind. It's not just about bullet time anymore, they evolved the shooting system a bit.
As you can see in the Video there's a lot more precision involved, since it was a bit lacking in Max Payne 2.

Though some might be disappointed by the new Design of your beloved noir novel hero Rockstar made it clear in they previous interview that they did not change the character at all, this whole getup is just for the sake of an undercover mission Maxy is working on.

Here's the first Trailer

With Pop-ups from Rockstar Games to explain a bit about the old and new important things in the series:

Hopefully Poets of the Fall will do the theme song again but this is just me fanboying around the "Valkyr" and one of my favourite bands.

Also IGN provided an interview with the Art Director Tod Nelson from R* Games, you can read it here

for further information and screens about Rockstars (and formerly developed by the finnish studio Remedy) new game go straight here

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