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Friday, November 18, 2011

Innocence-R: Another Character Video And More Details!

Tales of Innoncence Sniper Ricardo Soldato is back for some action and this time with character arts and a gameplay video to enjoy.
Our 27 year old rifleman and mercenary for hire origins from an unknown hometown and is also very versile in dark as well as earth projectile arts.

Ricado is around 183cm (6') tall and weights around 77kg (169lb) his name is spanish and originates from the latin "Ricardus" wich means powerful ruler". His last name Soldato on the contrary means soldier.
His Mystic Arte is know as "Endless Tragedy"

Gameplay Details And The Return Of A Beloved Character

Namco Bandai updated their Tales of Innocence website with new ToI-R exclusive Rave System and bond parameters.

  • The Rave System
    Is similar to Star Oceans bonus gauge. It will fill itself as long as your characters attack and chain their moves together but it will fall if you get hit. This gauge can rise up to four levels and the player is able to set a Rave Ability for each one.
    Rave abilities for example 'raise your attack a certain amount' or 'recover some HP' can be purchased in the Grade shop (using grade points) in town.

  • Bond parameters on the other hand serve as an indicator how close the characters are to one another. Players can check the status of those relationships in the status menu.
    For each character you can see the bond parameter bar for other characters following a one line comment from each one. The value of those friendship changes along with the players decissions throughout dialoges and in battle. Once one of those gauges reaches a certain level character specific, hidden skits and secret events will be unlocked as a reward.

  • Since ToI-R(re-imagining) will include a revised game theme, a new battle system and a new gameplay system alongside a new opening movie, another interesting feature will also return. Tales Fans all over the world will know what it is when one name is mentioned: the Wonder Chef.
    He will also appear in ToI-R according to the scans to the left. And like usual the player can find his recipies and himself all over the wolrd in different places. Which also means that cooking will be back! That you're able to grace your hard working party a heartwarming meal including some specific skits.

    Hungry for more?
    Tales of Innocence R will be released on January 26, 2012 in Japan for the PlayStation Vita currently no word has been given about a European or North American release but the chances for that are still pretty good.

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