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Thursday, November 17, 2011

King of Fighters XIII packs a real punch!

Carving for the true King of Fighters?
Curious what Atlus managed to pull off together with SNK!?
Let's find out with a 13 minute gameplay video!

They really managed to pull off the alternate/custom colors, most fightgames are more anoying with that factor than crative but the guys from SNK really put some efford in there. It's unbeleavable how good and fluid this looks.

Aren't you excited when you see this?

There's still time to pre-order your copy so that you'll be able to get 4Disk strong King of Soundtracks!

  • OKAY!?
    In STORY mode, players can view events from multiple characters’ perspectives, including Ash, Heidern, and Adelheid.  In addition, the story will be influenced by the player’s choices and battle results.  All of this is presented through a wealth of new visuals and animations that fans cannot afford to miss!
  • ONLINE VERSUS mode will feature three different match types, each allowing players to challenge other rivals worldwide: RANKED MATCH, PLAYER MATCH, and FRIEND MATCH/XBOX LIVE PARTY.  RANKED MATCH follows strict rules, reflecting players’ records in official rankings. Unranked PLAYER MATCH fights allow for custom rules, letting players enjoy more relaxed battles with more freedom to experiment with new strategies.  FRIEND MATCH/XBOX LIVE PARTY lets players invite online challengers.
  • MISSION mode offers three challenging objectives to help players practice and improve their fighting skills!  Beat all the CPU-controlled characters as fast as possible to record the best time in TIME ATTACK.  See how many CPU-controlled characters you can defeat before your life gauge is depleted to zero in SURVIVAL.  Take on special challenges for each character in TRIAL Mode.
  • Series newcomers or fans looking to improve their skills can turn to the TUTORIAL mode, in which tournament organizer Rose Bernstein explains the different basic controls for each character and the importance of each gauge.
  • Other modes available in the console version of KOF XIII include ARCADE, VERSUS, PRACTICE, REPLAY, GALLERY, and CUSTOMIZE.  More details will be made available regarding these modes at a later date!

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