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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ni No Kuni Live Action advertisment & Gimmick

Don't be freaked out by Oliver and his little buddy Shizuku just yet! Aside from the advertisements there also is a little surprise here!

You might have already heared that the DS Version of Level-5's newest RPG will offer a different kind of playstyle from the PS3 version. in "Ni no Kuni The Jet-Black Mage" player is ought to draw the spellcasting symbols of the Ni No Kuni world with their stylus onto their touchscreens to let Oliver perform the actual magic. It seems like the developers will offer the players a special little something to make it even more appealing!

But first the two live action trailers we promised you!

A Magical DS Performance Awaits You

The DS Chapters have a very interesting style of gameplay since LvL5 in cooperation with Studio Ghibli offers you a little extra for a few Yen more. For those who do not want to read what you will get when you buy the game, better don't look in those fancy spoilers!

»A certain tool for the NDS version Spoilers«

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