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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Persona 4 Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena

Official page update get-to!

Today Atlus and Aksys official Persona 4U page got a neat little update!
Two new challangers are now available for you to gawk at them.

Kirijo Mitsuru

This time Kirijo Mitsuru-sempai is not part of the S.E.E.S per se, hence she is to no ones surprise much older now.  Persona 4 took place a few years after Persona 3 and FES. Thus many fans might already know that Mitsuru could bein fact quite a few years older now. This time with Artemisia by her side.
Tanaka Rie is once more here Voiceactress, so we can once more expect high class voice acting from her!

Sanada Akihiko

This time also in flashy clothes, unlike his outfits in P3 and F.E.She not only carries a larg knife or machete with him, no even his Evoker is still by his side. Which also implies that the former Members of the S.E.E.S haven't forgotten their past or their duty at all. This time from the beginning with Ceasar at his side!
Midorikawa Hikaru also lends his voice to him once more, even more the reason for a japanese audio option!

As if that isn't enough there's still more; now the rooster for the characters holds up to 10 characters, who'll be next? Koromaru? Junpei or Yukari-chan?

Oh! Nearly forgot that-kuma, if you want to go to the official Persona 4Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, click here, kuma.

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