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Thursday, November 24, 2011

おかえりなさいHyperdimension Neptunia Mk II

Welcome back Nepu Nepu! and "Brace yourselves!" gamers!

Thanks to N(ippon)I(chi)S(oftware) America -in short NISA - We're able to experience yet another spectacular tale of Gameindustri!

This all new game will start at the end of Hyperdimension Neptunia right where our four goddesses fought against the fallen one.
What if Neptune and the others couldn't do what they were meant to do? What if that witch toppled them in battle despite them trying their hardest? Utter defeat was at hand and no one could save our beloved gaming ground. That all despite the fact that even the CPUs themselves layed their grudges and thuse the console wars aside, to fight this mighty evil...
An alternative setting for a completely alternative and unique tale!

Back in the fray this time with worried Nepgear (sister of Purple Heart-sama), as our main heroine. As well as an all new battle system that holds similarities to past titles like Breath of Fire V. The player is actually able to move the characters on the battlefield this time which shall create a new feeling of strategy to the fights. Including the additional skill and combo system of Hyperdimension Neptunia

The good characteristics of the old game have been kept so that Hyperdimension Neptunia might be even more fun and even more enjoyable than before.
Also the game interface has been tweaked as well, this time it will bear a huge resemblance to a certain information network system of our real world. So the ingame characters can actually "chirp" with each other to stay in contact and send our heroes urgent messages!

But not only that! As past players may already know humor and gaming, especially JRPG knowledge is a big part of the game! This fact hasn't changed at all and it might as well include the japanese dub again!

As you can already see there will be a lot of new and reccuring characters from the previous title!

Will you be able to save our beloved four goddesses and return peace to this technologic world once more?
You will find out in
February 2012 when you're able to aid If-chan, Compa and Nepgear in their noble quest to save their friends and also our joy and pride as gamers!

Also don't forget that Disgaea 4 and Atelier Totori are out, dood! Next up will be this and Atelier Meruru so stay tuned for more shots and stuff! (as long as Etna-sama doesn't fry us, dood!)

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