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Thursday, November 24, 2011

ToX - Wishes You A Merry Christmas! [updated]

Or more like merry internal and external bleeding!

Namco Bandai made it a habit since Tales of Vesperia to lure us in with delicious treasure and pricy DLC, why not continue this year as well?
This time with ... christmas costumes of Milla Maxwell and Co.
They are one sight to behold so better brace yourselves for that fanservice ride!

As usual those will cost around ¥300 each and will add some fluffy christmas feelings to the oil-painting like feeling of Tales of Xillia.
The Japanese Playstation Store will add them on December 1, 2011 so we might all die inside with either pain or pleasure. In this case pain will be caused by Namco Bandai, who has yet to announce a western release date for the game (and also for Vesperia's PS3 version).

Authors Note:

In desperate need of a North America and European release ASAP. Better yesterday than tomorrow!

But the next title we get will be this: 

Tales of Graces F for Playstation 3

So stay tuned!

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