Corpse Party

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ready for the Corpse Party?

Well I sure am, so LLG goes into Corpse Party mode!
To get you into a similar mood, here's the Intro of Corpse Party for the Playstation Portable, recorded by your's truly.

This gem has just been released in the west for the first time, even though the original has been around in Japan since 1996 and went through many iterations and adaptions. Thankfully our dear saviors of portable gaming, XSEED, decided it was time to bring the PSP Version of the game over.

If you've enjoyed reading Visual Novels like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni or Umineko and others, please do yourselves a favor and buy this game from the Playstation Network. It's only $19.99 and will accompany you right into the PSVita-era.
And who knows? A sequel has been released in Japan last September...

A rather elaborate story about this decision and how it went can be found on Siliconera:
How Corpse Party Got An Invitation For Localization
How Xseed Localized Corpse Party (And Kept It Scary)
I advise reading these great posts to get an insight in just how much effort and love for horror went into this game!

So, once again XSEED saves us from a wasteland of bad sports game ports on our PSPs and delivers high-quality horror. Earlier this year they delivered the first part of the Trails in the Sky saga from the Legend of Heroes series, which has been a fan-favorite ever since (believe me, even Alkaid's weird friend fell in love with Trails!).

Thus I publicly want to thank XSEED once more, in a blogpost, for being this damn awesome! Please keep up the great work, Twitter-fun and feed our hunger for more gems the western audience would otherwise never see.

Thank you, XSEED. We're gonna join the Corpse Party!

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