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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Persona Ultimate Arena - Cameos

We have good and bad news for this one, Arisato Minato doesn't seem to be in the game, but to make up for this absolutely awesome main character ArcSysWorks and Atlus decided to put a little more spice into the game.

Indirect cameos!
They decided to abuse the palette swap once more and it looks definitely charming!

And they are going to be the weirdest of all time! So there's one term that could hint to everything that will be coming up in this post. Does the Term "BlazBlue" ring any bells?

If yes, then let's start with the man of the hour!

Let's give Narukami Yuu a heartwarming welcome!
This time he is dressed like none other than Ragna the Bloodedge! Our BlazBlue main character does not only give him an overhaul in terms of colors, even Izanagi joins this pattern.

To my regret they didn't decide on coloring the weapon as Ragnas trademark slayer the "Blood-Scythe".

Yu also shares a Ky Kise alternate color, that one is a character from Guilty Gear, the previous beat 'em up from Arc System Works.

It actually would be very nice of those costumes and alternate colors would be accessible in P4G as well since they seem to suit Yuu ve
ry well.


Yosuke and Jiraya are next, this time in their absolutely nice Jin Kisaragi colors. 

You may notice that only Jiraya shares the tinges of red from Jins coat while they gave Yosuke a simple bright blue school jacket and black pants.

Yosukes Kunai on the other hand have a much lighter color which is meant to imply on the Nox Nyctores Yukinesa.


So no it's Akihiko's turn with.... ...
Shishigami Bang's palette swap.
God please help us all...Can you Imagine him, singing this? What happend to the Trinity Soul Suit? D:
Anyway... his jacket is thos colored in a bright red, resembeling Bang's scarf.

T- the usually white Caesar Persona now shares the rather military-ish colors and the surcoat now comes in more historically traditional brown. On top of his head the laurel wreath is golden.

Oh gods not this, anything but THIS.
*cough* Oh well...

Precious Yukiko chama, heir of the Amagami inn is wearing a Carl Clover attire this time. But to be honest I still don't know where the green fan comes from... I never noticed anything green about the boy.

I wonder if she will call Konohana Sakuya Nee-san...

Teddy on the other hand resembles the man with the paperbag on his head. Faust from Guilty Gear.

Well character wise it really is fitting in a way. Especially since our beloved Teddy here is basically a jack in the box.

His Persona Kintoki-Douji shares the colors but usese a more military/ dirty green for the rocket and a darker brown for the cape.

Sadly we only have a small picture here,
Kirijo sempai will go with Litchi Faye-Ling while her Persona Artemisia took on the Panda look. I guess they decided to leave the "hands away from the Panda" joke out of this game.

But even in this small picture we are able to tell that black hair suits our beloved Persona 3 Sempai very well.

Next is our fun friend Tatsumi Kanji. His alternate color choice is none other than Tager from BlazBlue.

But even the Red Devil himself would be jealous of that magnificent bright red collapsible chair.
Seeing Take Mikazuchi like this jogged my memory it's arms really look like those of Iron Tager. The color on the other hand not so much because it's more metallic and much darker than that of Tager.

Now who could this be? A blue-ish white color theme while Pallas Athena has red on it's shield?

Nu-13 would be the closest guess here, but I doubt that she will fawn over Yuu like that. Maybe with his "other" palette colors. ;)
To my regret Athena combines Nu's armored combat version and the unarmored one, while Aigis seems a bit plain. Nu's red charms are missing here.

Oh come on Naoto doesn't earn this! That is so wrong on many levels!
Poor Shirogane Naoto has to pose as none other than Hazama from BlazBlue.
Sukuna Hikona resembles Hazamas Nox Nyctores "Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros".

That reminds me is the Persona x Detective Novel already out? It's centered around Naoto and I really would like to take a look.

Last but not least our hero Yuu from Persona 4 has another striking appearance, it's Arisato Minato from Persona 3. Izanagi takes on the role of Orpheus the white haired Persona and trusty partner of Minato.

Sadly the headphones are missing but that doesn't change the fact that it looks quite good, even if it's not as stylish as the real thing. They chose to go all haywire with the orpheus design, red and blue everywhere rather than consistancy but Yuu's colors are very appealing.

On another note it will also be possible to give the Persona 3 characters glasses. While Aigis get's her armored visor, Mitsuru wears tainted sunglasses and Akihiko gets a pair of goggles. Teddy on the other hand... well...

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