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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bakemonogatari Portable!!

So it's official, the highly appreciated animation Bakemonogatari will recieve a Playstation Portable game. In it you will most likely lend a hand to Koyomi, who's all busy with helping his Underclassmen Senjougahara who got possessed by a certain kind of Demon/Deva.

While the magazine Dengeki Playstation announced it, Dengeki Online provided some material today. Two Screenshots, nothing more and the contents of the limited edition.

As you can see it's Senjougahara in her splendid crazy pose and Koyomi nii-chan with a really serious face. Looking good? Let's look if it puts the collectors edition itself to shame~

The LE of Bakemonogatari will probably "kind of" look like this and contain the following.

  • Specially made Multi-pouch
  • Special contents DVD
  • Special Voice CD
  • Special custom theme
  • Special booklet

As usual the final design might change shortly before it's released on August 23rd, 2012.

You can pre-order the japanese version of the game at your import store or at AmiAmi, since there's no word of a release here yet (not that we're not usedto it by now)

First Release Limited Edition for 8,260Yen

and the
Regular Edition for 5200Yen

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