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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Confessed All Your Sins? Now it's time for your Punishment!

It's there! Famitsu gave us the first screenshots of the new Playstation Portable version of Persona Eternal Punishment!

The game was announced yesterday and seems to support greatly improved loadtimes, event scene skipping and last but not least various options for battle. Those include window colors, switching the battle animaton to simple and toggle pointer memory.
The PSP version also includes new scenarios wirtten by Tadashi Satomi the writer of the original Szenario. These follow the "Sin" Main Character.

So please Take your rime to look at the Screens below, they are vertainly stunning and atmospheric!

For further information the Atlus Persona Blog already has some entries about the game and the games website will open soon.
And the one who will greet you there is... IGOR! :D

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