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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ciel no Surge - Dive System, The World and Ionsol's Friends

Gust decided to give us some more footage on Ion and her surroundings. And is thus considering the fact that we still know nearly nothing about the game. Except some descriptions of the system, Ion, her main problem and the cours of action we have to take, that is.

This includes her friends as well under them are Tabo(maybe Turbo), Cass and Plum as well as a pet Dragon (what's with those nowadays) named Telefunken.

First off, the sub characters:

Tabo is the first boy Ion meets at the start of the game. He's the son of the owner of the local general store and seems to have a leader position among the children. As if that isn't enough the little guy also formed a adventure group with the two other characters we are going to introduce now!
He is voiced by Ohara Momoko.

Cass (or Cat, god knows what will or might be the final english name) is voiced by Inori Minase, who also did Okamoto Akari in Occult Academy, the ghost girl in Episode 9.
She meets Ion in the secret base and is the child of the rather wealthy Leonite family.
The girl knows Tabo for a few years and seem to have some kind of interest in him. But their parents (the general store owner and hers) don't get along very well. She seems to be some kind of assistant or secretary for the adventure group Tabo founded.


It's not much known about Plum (voiced by Okada Eimi) except that he's a foreigner and has an interest in astronomy. He also poses as the "head of Developeent" in Tabo's group.


Telefunken the dragon creature who is currently in Ion's care is a virtual life form and does not need to eat or sleep. Instead the creature uses life energy from others while synching with other beings. It was on the verge of dying when Ion found him  and took him in.

The world in Ion's mind symbolizes not only Ions state of mind but also her heart. As a result of that, this so called dream world is completely in ruins. Players will have to repair it with the help of some fairy so that they can restore Ions memories.

Once more those who pre-order the deluxe pack will recieve an extra something. The secret files of Ciel nosurge we recently talked about here.
That said, Gust will release free and paid downloadable content for Ciel no Surge. Different clothes and the extra scenarios will cost some money while new motions and voices for the communication part will be free.

Ciel no Surge will be released on April 26,2012 in Japan.

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