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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hatsune Miku Project Mirai Opening and Interview

Finally! Good lord that took a damn while and we finally get to see chibi Luka as well!
If only the game would also be released here *twitching eye*
Anyway before I start to rant out of sheer desperation let's get to the main attraction!

It turns out that Sega's Arcade deivision AM2 made Project Mirai, it was revealed in an interview with Nintendo CEO Iwata Satoru. Osaki Makoto and Takabe Motoshi, both part of AM2 went through the trouble to answer a few questions.

The head of AM2 has been working on Project Mirai since Diva Arcade. He described his role as "something what would generally called porducer". The phrasing is a bit awkward here but he chose it because for him it felt like developing an old school game, where the producer is deeply invlved in the development.

Takabe on the other hand is the director of Hatsune Miku Future Stars.
Appearently he was the one who wrote the design doc and gave instructions for creation of the PV's that play during the tracks. At the same time he oversaw the development.

Osaki also stated that AM2 has been working on the Game since 2009.

Hatsune Miku Project Mirai Future Stars shows the vocaloids in SD (super deformed) style, but this wasn't always the case. The project manager revealed that in the early stages the characters were originally meant to be shown their standard proportions, like you see them in Project Diva/Arcade. Something didn't feel right then because Miku looked much smaller when dancing on the 3DS screen. And at this state they hadn't even considered the space the they would need for the rhythm gameplay.

So they decided to throw the original work/idea out of the window and show them in SD form, eventually settling with the GoodSmile Company proportions. It made sense, not only because of the space but also of the Nendoroids that already exist out there. Those are the second best selling licensed Miku products by the way.

They also discussed some of the 3DS technology that is in Project Mirai, like the AR cards, that will show Miku dancing on your table.

New is that the game will also use voice and face recognition, so you can select your songs using your voice. The facial recognition works different and can be seen in the game's alarm clock mode.

When you're not infront of your 3DS (or visible to the camera) Miku will wait, just to make sure that you're gone. But it won't take long until she comes out to take a look at her surroundings.

There were some concerns about how the player will actually be able to observe this, though, but Iwata suggested perhaps watching from the shadows.

To reward you for reading all this, here is a demo video!

AR Card Miku~


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