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Monday, February 27, 2012

Persona 4 Ultimate Tutorial Part 2!

Welcome to Our Midnight Arena!

K-..Kirijo sempai will be your advisor this time and give you the opportunity to see through certain EX attacks.

So the game will also be released here and hopefully it will also provide the japanese dub. But we should leave this to Atlus if they want to melt the fans hearts with that or not, it won't change the awesome action we get!
(Yes I'm really hyped)

Basic Controls!

As you can see you'll once more use all four buttons to attack, light(A), middle(B), hard(C) and Persona attack(D) but only using those won't bring you far. Naturally you can also use guard to lessen the damage of your opponents attacks!
A jump attack combo can so easily be parried, to do so you have to hold the stick or D-pad in the direction behind your character. Not only will this make your character walk backwards, it will also trigger a high guard when the opponent attacks you.

Oh gods I need a break after this her voice is making my heart beat like no tomorrow and quoting her lines doesn't make it any better. x/////X

To fend off lower attacks you have to press the D-pad/Stick diagonally, like it's shown in the footage.
Like this you can ensure that your will avoid getting major damage no matter what your opponent throws at you. It's even possible to catch them off-guard much more easily if you are a cautious player and analyze the enemies movements.

Once your challenger gets near you it's also possible to evade and counter his/her throw with one move! To do this you have to hit the C+D button at the same time. You better remember this, if you want to manage even difficult situations, alright?

Dodging And Ability/SP Combos:

A+C on the other hand will enable you to dodge your opponents attacks much more easily while speeding towards him or her with a quickstep(this includes ranged attacks as well)! So getting behind an opponent won't be a problem if you remember this. pressing down and A+C on the other hand will enable you to do a mini jump and a fololow attack (with B for example).

Certain attacks have the ability to poison, confuse or enrage your or the other players avatar, so that one can not guard for example. Even charming an opponent is possible. As Akihiko proves here, those effects like stun can make you very vulnerable and will result in paralysis as long as the effect holds up, you're free to charge at your opponent. Spells can still be broken or cancelled so use them wisely.

EX Skills

You can use a special skill by using a quarter-circle on your D-Pad/Stick and an attack button. It gives you even more variety and a stronger attackpower than usual. As always such skills require SP which you are nonly able to gain by attacking or guarding against your opponent.

It is also possible to perform an attack that will involve your Persona. Two quarter-circle movements will do the trick and the D button but unlike the normal EX skills this requires 50SP so be careful when you use it, in miht also leave you very vulnurable if your opponent manages to fend it off or evade it.
But once it hits the Burst ability of your enemy will be not accessible for a certain ammount of time.

Ability boost

Last but not least we will talk about skill/Ability boost! You will be able to access that attack by performing a quarter-circle move forwart and pressing the C (hard attack) and D button (Persona attack) right after it.
As shown in the video this enables Narukami Yu to perform Zio, a powerful lightningattack, chainable, possible to cancel and it will set your challenger into shock status.
That's all for now, try to memorize and master them as good as you can, to be a step ahead of your challengers!

Seriously I will never do this again with my noobish japanese skills and it took so long... *too much of a Persona crazy person* hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

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