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Friday, February 3, 2012

Twin Brave - Rebirth!

And we have some new character videos again, this time Tytree and Veigue from Tales fo Rebirth!
But that is not all! The site also has new updates you might like to see since they let us look at the "tension system" this time. And it also has lots of ...chibis. ;)

Namco Bandai previously stated that Twin Brave will give players the opportunity to fight various bosses of the Tales of Franchise again.

Jump's latest issue reveals that the bosses are more than just simple enemies! By clearing certain conditions the player will be able to control/play as the bosses as well.

The magazine also reportet that it is also possible to pair them up freely just like the regulat Twin Brave cast. As an example for this the magazine mentioned none other than Duke Pantarei -Hero of the Great War- from Tales of Vesperia.

So take a look at the character footage for Twin Braves Rebirth cameos!



Beat up your baffled foes with a tad oversized chibi versions!

Is it weird that it somehow reminds me of the Tales of Symphonia, especially when I see Lloyd? o__o

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