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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gust's New Game will be...
Ciel no Surge: Song of the Lost Star’s Offering

They already teased something a while ago and it was a pretty onious site and video.
So we're all glad we got past that part where we thought that Gust might be up to a new survival horror or "escape thousands and thousands of rooms" game. since we already have that in "Good People Die".


First there where pretty blurry shots of a new character that looked like it was designed in the Atelier Meruru design. On the bottom of the screen was the name "genomirai" that basically told us it really was the creepy video game.
But that's not all....

The Story of Surge Concerto begins in a solar system with a swelling sun. The residents only have two plans to deal with this terrible crisis.
A group of scientists (or astronomers) want to teleport the residents to another planet while a terrestrial group wants to save the solar system by harnessing the power of ancient song magic.
But the fate of the world ultimately lies in the hands of one single person, the president elected for this situation, Ionasol. 

The main character apparently is a young girl named Ionasol or short Ion, who has lost her memories. And it is our responsibility to jolt her memories by diving into them using some kind of bar code and a machine.
As long as our dear little protagonist is not hooked up to the device we are able to talk to her.

In the game the players aka "we" will also be able to interact with her by selecting different choices on the PS Vita's touch screen.
She is even able to do something together with you, like cooking for example. You can even select what that person should make for example soup, salat, meat or even pastry (I'd go for a lemon tart if possible)

And also as you might see above, there is a bar code function that connects to "the world beyond". It is also said that the game will have some kind of online connectivity.

Inside of Ion's head we will be able to finally see what's wrong with her, a broken world inside her mind which seems beyond hope. But the local repair points in Ion's mind will help you in your task to set things right. With the power of Ciel you will be able to mend these together and magically repair your surroundings and with that the lady's mind.

That said this game will be the first stepstone in the all new "Surge no Concerto" series, which has a concept of seven different dimensions. This first game will be called "Ciel no Surge: Song of the Lost Star’s Offering" and it's director is Tsuchiya Akira who was also the director of Ar Tonelico.

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