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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Legend of of Heroes for the Playstation Vita

It's nearly time to unveil the "Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero" Full voice version! So Falcom will commemorate this with a stream where they show some footage from Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky the video animation as well as a audio drama with Tio!

All who know Trails in the Sky might be interested in this, since Trails of Zero will be the direct sequel to the third disk of "Sora no Kiseki" aka Trails in the Sky!

The Playstation Vita version will be almost fully voiced, so that you are able to fully enjoy your 50-60 hours of playtime.
Unbelievable or not, despite having such a vast ammount of Playtime the game still fits onto one UMD on the Playstation Portable.

As a comparison to how large the game may be, Kondo said that the amount of text in one chapter of Zero no Kiseki is the equivalent to the whole of Ys The Oath in Felghana.

So get yourselves ready because on February 9 at 6pm japanese time there will be a stream right here

Love those arrangements~ :3

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