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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tales of Innocence-R Let's Make Things Hard to Choose From...

Don't like these? 
Well then NamcoBandai will once more provide a chance for a change in the clothes department. So behold the power of casual clothes, cosplay suits, school attire and... some special costumes out of Innocence itself.

Until March 31 these costumes will cost 250Yen each instead of 300, so if you want them, and the game, get em asap!

School Uniforms

The Fandom Sets

This is the time where every Tales fan ought to scream:
"No!! we don't want new things give us something we know and love!!! Like Jade, Jude, Sophie and ... ... boy bands...??..?! ...Ohh!"

Tales of The World 3.5  and The Idol M@ster 2

I hope at least one of these DLC packs *nudges idolmaster* will be able to convey some special victory things for us... like singing *wink*

and of course...another one

'The Past' Set

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